Friday, July 29, 2011

New discovery

Few days ago, I was checking the web for vacation packages and such. I haven't found anything with my name on it, so to speak. Instead, I found touchrawing. I would not be me if I did not give it a try.

I used my old oil paints, rice paper and a piece of transparency - that's all I had handy. I only cut five pieces of pape, but next time I will have prepare more papers. The recommandation seems to be to do one hour sessions.

I spread the paint and started moving my hands. I ended up with four self-portraits of sorts and one flower doodle.

I added a touch of white and some black with oil pastels, but the drawings were not dry. They still aren't.
Touching the paper felt very much like sculpting in clay. I could just keep moving my hands over the paper for a while, eyes closed too. But my papers were small - maybe 9 x 12. Hardly enough room to move.
I will definetely do this again,but I need to find a bigger printing plate and a variation of papers. Red paint over newspaper could produce interesting results. This would probably work with acrylics too - especially the open ones from Golden. The problem I am having with these more intuitive approaches is that I don't know how to interpret the result. It is as if they drawings become dream images with a hidden meaning.

This reminded me of an orchid painting I did a while back where I used only my fingers - it is the one at the bottom of this post. It was so much fun and I still like it. To be continued ...