Thursday, February 6, 2014


Quite an impressive mark  ... 500 posts...

I am glad I "made it". I started the blog with huge hopes for its development, but since then I had to lower my expectations drastically. I like being able to browse through the posts and remember what I did and when...kind of like a diary. Lack of time prevented me from updating the blog more often, learning to use all these gadgets to take better pictures and so on. Most importantly, lack of time prevented me from making art on a regular basis instead of the haphazard way I go about it now. And this my friends makes me a bit sad. I was hoping to see more progress in terms of skills over these many years. I do see change in what I chose to focus on and some skill improvement. But like a fellow classmate said last fall - there is plenty to learn, enough to keep up busy till it is said  that creative activities help ward off Alzheimer's...I'll be doodling away!

Many happy blog posts, Blog!