Monday, February 24, 2014

Urban sketchers February meeting...

.. was yesterday at the MMFA. Great turnout, maybe 25 people or so. I had planned to sketch the view I from a window, but I ended up in the antiquity section. First, I drew a pagoda - pen and watercolor.

Then a camel - Prismacolor col-erase pencils with collage and watercolor applied at home.
And lastly, a horse of sorts:
It makes me laugh...and reminds me of Dali somehow. I added the  grid and the yellow background because I wanted to maintain the surrealistic feel of the sketch. Looks like I will have to do some animal studies after all ...or just go with the flow and see what kind of creatures I can come up with. After all, if I dreaw a "correct" horse, it would be just one of zillions of horses ... like this, it is unique ... Isn't it nice how people rationalize anything and everything?!