Thursday, March 20, 2014

Back to basic - 2

The topic of the week - tone and form. I finally learned how to draw ellipses! Even more important, I learned that not all ellipses are created equal. What was I thinking ???

What I mean is this: I always assumed that the cross-sections through a cylindrical objects are the same (basically I would struggle to make them all at the same angle). They are ellipses alright. But the angle changes! Some sections will be lower that the eye level, some might be higher. Depending how low the sections are in respect to the horizon line, they form of the ellipses will change! Tadah ....

And the other elementary thing that did not cross my mind - how to make cylindrical object symmetrical.
Measure! Take the mid-line and measure points on each side to make sure they are equally spaced from the mid-line.
It took a while to measure! I even had to play it by the ear in the end because the original measurement was wrong. I did not want to use the ruler again because I will not always have a ruler handy. So I measured with the pencil. One day I suppose it will get easier!

This is all I had time for in one (longish) setting. I don't think I drew a more 3D object ever! Thank you, Earnest!