Saturday, April 5, 2014

Back to basics - 3

The topic for the third week was perspective. I chose a picture of St Joseph Oratory - it has enough building blocks to be challenging for me but it is not excessive to become overwhelming.

I tried stippling but I don;t have enough patience for this method. To work well, the dots have to be uniform, and they are not in my case. However, Earnest said that that other people used variations of the method such as dashes or thumb prints on bigger works. I might revisit the method and try a different mark making technique or size of dots.

The paper behaves as if there was a resist, something like a thumbprint. I did not do it on purpose - either the paper is like this or the quality is such that my fingerprints create the resist. I don't mind the efect - the more unpredictable the better. Next time I sketch a building I will go more fauvist. Nobody says building must be beige ...they can be any color ...