Sunday, May 4, 2014

Grand Central

Last Sunday was the monthly meeting of the urban sketchers - Griffintown. It turned out to be  a grey, cold and windy day, at least until about 2pm. I wandered with a fellow sketchers to the Georges Vanier cultural centre, trying to find a nice spot indoors to draw the view. It was not much of the view, so we went out to draw the building. My first attempt was to sketch the whole building - failed. Everything was in the wrong place, nothing fitted properly on the page etc. I took a picture and I want to try again using the divider for the measurements.

I then decided to attack only a part of the building - the dome. I sketched it in pencil, then added color at home.
We sought refuge at Java U on Notre-Dame and decided to stay there for a while - it was warm and cozy. I sketched the building across the street - but it did not fit on one page so I cut it in two!

 And I also sketched some people in the mirror.