Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Jardin Botanique

This past Sunday was the monthly meeting of the Urban Sketchers Montreal. the chosed spot was the Jardin Botanique. I am ashamed to confess that I have never been to the Botanical Garden - and I lived accross the street from it for 1.5 years!

I misread the instructions and showed up late at the wrong entrance point. I wasted time looking for everybody and being somewhat frustrated that I will be drawing yet again alone ... In the end, I stayed on the free grounds - not much to see of course. Next time I will be better prepared and show up early morning so that I have plenty of time in the gardens.

I decided to concentrate on perspective drawing of a building - a bunch of rectangular blocks really - and the roof of the stadium. The pages were prepainted.

On the way there I tried sketching faces in the metro, but the ride was so bumpy that it ws impossible to control the pen. The results had a caricature feel to them that I am sure I would not have obtained if I was doing that on purpose.

On the way back I drew mostly bodies - it is easier to do without people noticing.