Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bits and bobs

To get past the move-blues, I went for a short walk around Atwater market and stopped to sketch the Church of the Korean Martyrs. I took with me only a thick carbon pencil, the idea being that I will be forced to simplify the structure instead of fidgeting over every stone curlicue. That was the plan.. but we all know what happens to best laid plans.

In this case, the results was this:


I tried to sketch the top part of the church, but of course I sized it all wrong, the sketchbook page is 5x8 and I run out of space ...I figured I will try again home from a pic from the net - but there doesn't seem to be one decent photo of this place in the cyberspace.

I then tried some people sketches - same idea: thick lines, only the essential. Every time I picked somebody, 10 sec later they moved....