Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nun's Island view

The weather was good Thanksgiving day so I went for a walk around the neighborhood. At some point, I had a nice view of the Nun's Island tip. I did a quick sketch directly with watercolor using Behzad's technique from his workshop in Paraty.

The difference was that i applied the washed to somewhat match the view as opposed to randomly putting color to the paper and then trying to work with the resulting shapes. Usually when I do this, I end up with animals or faces and rarely with landscapes or still lives.

A previous attempt resulted in a terrible sketch. I wanted to darken the colors and I used an approach suited for acrylic paintings where I glazed many times with darker colors. Except that with watercolor this is not a good idea because the transparency of the colors was gone and all I had was mud.

In this sketch I tried to keep in mind the "tea, milk and honey" idea - only 3 passes of color. In the end it becomes a juggling act so that the first layer is not too light and not too dark either to allow for subsequent development of shapes.