Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ste Irene church

Now that I do not have a car anymore and the weather is nice, I walk a lot in the weekend. I even neglect my old friends because of this - it is now to complicated and time consuming do drive all the way over in burbs ...But I digress.

On such an outing I stopped to sketch the domes from the Ste Irena church on Atwater st. I jumed right into it ....and captured also the street light that was just in front of my face. I could have moved but mine was the only shaded spot on that side of the street.
And to correct the proportions, I dived head first (or pen first rather) into a sketch of the whole church. I was timing myself - quick 5 - 10 min. I want to do more quick stuff like this because I linger too long in one place and there is simply too much to do, see and sketch. I also happen to believe that it if a very good exercise to develop observation skills and learn how to pick only the essential from a scene.

Anyway, the full sketch has the same problem of course - the page was too short!!!