Sunday, June 19, 2016

And more jewelry

Necklace/mala with rudrashka beads, amazonitem smokey quartz, mini silver beads and turqoise. I have not found a guru bead I like yet, so I guess it is not yet a mala. 108 6 mm beads on silk cord.

Faceted amethyt 3mm beads and silver triple bracelet / necklace aprox 20" long.

Hammered silver necklace aprox 18" - beads are aprox 1.5mm. I used about 250 beads.

Variety of earrings with wood, glass and ceramic beads and some turquoise.

Silver and red tiger eye 18" necklace. The biggest silver beads are aprox 2mm, the other beads are 1.5 mm or less.

I have not found nice silver findings yet - spacers and the like. So I kept the design super simple, but I am happy with the results. I think my favorite are the ametyst bracelet, the hand hammered chain and the turquoise and silver bracelet. I have left over beads and I will probably make another triple bracelet - silver, red tiger eye and maybe something else. I do have some turquoise left as well - 4 and 6 mm beads - their fate was not decided yet. To be  continued ...