Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wax collage

I read in few places about using beeswax for collage. I had to try it! First, I collaged the covers of a journal I made. The covers are canvass boards and the pages are regular white paper and bits of an old pastel paper I used for my drawings back in the days when I took drawing classes. I used hand c arved stamps on the covers and then I glues various papers using wax (I used napkins, candy foil etc). I put the wax in an aluminum plate and melted it in a double boiler. I soaked the paper in wax and glued it on the covers using the palette knife. Here is how it looks like:

I needed a name tag for the Art Unraveled workshops I will be attending next week in Phoenix. I came up with this - using cardboard, cheese cloth, magazine picture, transparency image and wax.