Saturday, September 20, 2008

Marbled paper

A while ago, I bought a marbling kit from Winners. A couple of weeks ago, I got around to do it. I have been warned that the process is long and difficult. It surpassed my expectation. It was indeed long and I had a problem with the pigments. They have to be deluted to the point where they spread easily on the surface of the size. Some pigments are heavier than others. In this case, the most trouble I had with the blue. The magenta was a bit better, but still not the way it should have been. I kept adding water to the paint to no avail. In the end, the pigment was all in the size. It became so muddy I could not see what was on the size and what was in the size. If the pigments do not spread on the size, then the designs will not work. I came up with my own version of nonpareil, stone, chevron and the like. A master marbler would fire an apprentice like me, I suppose...

Here are my papers - they are fun nontheless. They will make nice backgounds for collage.