Friday, September 19, 2008


Michael deMeng taught 4 classes in Phoenix. I took 3 of them. I don't think I ever worked so hard for fun! There was so much to do and I wanted to finish my pieces. I altered a cigar box, made the Morpheus box and 2 sculptures using electrical outlets. All of these pieces use junk parts from the junk yard. I had to follow my intuition - there was not enough time to change the design around too much. I'd grab the stuff that appealed to me for whatever reason (I did not question anything. For those who know me, thes might be a surprise as I suspect they will all agree that there is not one thing under the Sun that I do not turn upside down. But that is a whole other story). Then, with a generous amount of caulking, stick everything together. Pray that it dries. When prayers did not work, used all other means to my disposal to speed the process (heat gun, sun). Apply washes. Screw, nail, glue, wire, tie bits and pieces. Some people knew what they wanted to make, they had a theme and all the necessary doodas to get where they wanted to go. Not me. I have hard time working with a theme. 99% of the things I made start the same way, sometimes from a focal image, a color, something I find on my desk. I keep adding to it until I feel the piece is complete. Then I try to read the story. There is a story in everything I make,except I do not know it all.
I will post pictures of the finished pieces soon.