Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Selling art

Judy Wise lead this workshop one evening. I knew her art from her blog.This topic is seldom discussed, so I was curious. One of the things that came up was blogging. I mentioned that I use a pseudonym for my blog and this raised some eyebrows. How do you want people to find you then?! Truth is, I do not want everybody to find me. Ok. I am privacy-freak, I confess. In this day and age when anything and everything is up for sale, trade and to the mercy of hackers of all kinds, do I really need to have my name out there for the eternity? But things are not so simple. They never are. If my name was not on, I could still hide. Pretend it isn't me. Show the blog only to the chosen few. Not worry about criticism. In the end, I took the plunge. I put my name up there.