Sunday, October 12, 2008

What I have been up to lately

I neglected the blog, but I have good excuses! It all started with the Army run. It was "only" a half-marathon, but the goal was to cut my previous time by 5 min. It all went well until km 13, when I had to stop. In the end, I managed to improve my time only by 2 min.2 min is good, says Coach!

Then, I started renovating the kitchen and the bathroom. Still not finished. I am waiting for the tile delivery. Apparently, they picked them up from the warehouse, but "forgot" to deliver them. I forgot to take pictures of the "before". I guess I was too anxious to finally get rid of the '80s from my condo. Here are some pictures of the kitchen "in limbo".

And after:

I discovered the alpacas! And guess what - there are alpaca farmers in Quebec! I always assumed there were none outside of Peru (the main producer of alpaca products with about 2.5 million animals). It turns out there are breeders in Canada, US, Australia, South Africa and Europe. I went to visit a farm not far from Montréal - Alpagas des Hauts Vents. I enjoyed the visit. Sara gave me the tour of the farm and the boutique. It took a lot of gumption to go against the current and move from the city to the country with 4 young kids in tow. Or because of them. In times like these when young (and not so young) people seem to be preoccupied with one thing - how to make the most money in the shortest amount of time so that they can buy another toy - they chose to go against the tide. They have big plans for the farm and I am sure they will soon have their big farm with more land and at least 100 alpacas ...

Oh yeah.. art ... not much of that I am afraid. I want to finish the 30 pages needed for the fat book for Art Unraveled. I have few new journal pages and that is about all.