Sunday, November 30, 2008

Creative outlets

This was the third deMeng class - and the wildest. First, I mixed up the venues. How I managed to do that on the last day of the retreat I have no clue. But I did - and I came in late. I gathered junk from the common pile (as I did not have any metallic objects, mesh, wire or any of these things) and I started playing with it. Again, no idea what I was doing, no theme, no plan. Just texture at the beginning and then color.
I made 2 pieces - one rectangular (an old photo frame) and one round. I thought about them as 2 separate pieces until Michale looked at them and decided they belonged together. And in fact they look much better together than apart - with the round piece on top of the rectangular one. And there are common elements between the 2 (the game aspect of the pieces). In part. they reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.