Monday, November 23, 2009

Sketchbook project

Few weeks back, I discovered "The Sketchbook Project". What do you think I did? Right! I signed up! What are the chances anything I make will ever make its way in a museum? Seriously. Not even when I will be way past the 10000 hours of practice needed to become an "expert". Of course I signed up. And five minutes after I did, I regreted it. I found out I will have to wait two - three weeks to get the notebook. Factoring in the delays in mail delivery over Christmas, that leaves me two week max to fill the notebook. What was I thinking?!

I found the notebook yesterday in the mail - so I missed one weekend. My theme is "elephant in the room". My first impulse was to pull all the pages off and make on big page that will fold back to the original size. This way, I will have to worry only about one huge elephant. But it would not be too easy to read. The pages are very thin and inks bleed through. Anything wet will have to be done on another paper that I will glue in the notebook. I have never worked with a theme. I usually start with the backgound and work it until something clicks but there is not time for clicks now. In the end, I figured not all pages have to be paintings and such. There can be writings too. And not every inch of the page has to be filled either. So, I think the strategy will be to do somethign on each page and then if i have time left, I will go back and add more stuff. Really?! Time left?! I think there are  twenty spreads. So twenty elephants....

'nough said! Sayonara everybody, I am going on a safari!