Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Abstract collages

I found Ann Baldwin's Creative Paint Workshop at the library this past Saturday. I like her collages, they tell wonderful stories. I spent a lazy Sunday playing with paints and the day passed in a blink.

Here, I glued wallpaper on leftover mat board. I am trying to figure out what to do with four walpaper sample books, so I wanted to see how it handles paint. It takes glazes and dry brushing well, but it is platified so the washes won't work. I have lots of this wallpaper - I thought that maybe I will make a journal. Or use the books as journals, except that they are heavy and cumbersome. Anyway, back to the abstract. It was ment to be a study in using texture as the subject of an abstract. It is an attractive idea because it means that all I need is...well ... texture. In other words, I do not always need to start with a real life object and build from there. This is good news because I get lost in that process. If I concentrate on one thing at a time, such as texture or lines or color, then I could still have a finished painting in the end. Once I finished, I saw the space in between the textured surfaces at the bottom. First thought was about how to transition between the surfaces and in the end I decided to let it be. Later, I saw the male profile neatly delineated between the cotton lace and the molding paste surface. Next project is going to be a collage.