Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New journal page

A busy weekend it was. And cold. It all started Friday evening with a play - Yaacobi et Leidental by Hanokh Levin. Then on Saturday, a stroll in Chinatown. Haven't been in Chinatown in years. Lunch. Three hours of English country dancing. Can't wait to go back. I want to be prepared for the ball in April. We danced on music from the '80s, 90's, 1890s, 1720s. What a difference a couple of centuries make! Instead of good manners and nice music, we have nudity, vulgarity and obscenity. Some call this progress ...

I also stopped at Camelia Sinensis.I think this is the first tea house that opened in Montreal 12 years ago. I tried to go for oh....eight years maybe. Yeah, that long ...but i am planning to catch up as soon as the weather gets better.