Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Have a plan

Or another dissapointing week. I was off last week and I hoped to tie all the loose ends, such as blog updates, painting, reading and so forth. At the end of the week, 95% failure. No real surprise here as each one of these activities requires hours of commitment. I always assumed that it will be as easy as pie to have everything under control, after all I juggle so many things at once. What I forgot is that I need some kind of planning, otherwise things get out of control fas and this is exactly what happened.

Saturday was a record day - 27C here. It was a gorgeous day, but it made for a tough 25km. There is a price to pay for everything after all, isn't there? After runs like this, all I can do is veg out for the rest of the day at least. It's a good opportunity to watch a movie, in this case The Hurt Locker. I did not like it. I had higher expectations, for all the fuss around it.

Luckily this first staycation test was not too long. Next time, I will make sure I know what the plan is ahead of time and stick to it. I am sure staycations can be fun, but the "clear and present danger" of things getting out hand has to be factored into the equation.