Friday, April 9, 2010

New addiction

Today I went to return a pair of Nike Lunarglide (wrong size) and as I was strolling through the mall, I noticed these:
They were sitting pretty in a bowl on David's Teas counter, beckoning. I must find out!

They are actually pu'erh tea bonbons, too cute to pass, so I bought some. As I waited to pay, somebody bought a cuppa of Read my lips. I follow suit. The tea was rather sweet and soft, I liked it. Then, I made the mistake to ask more info about desert teas. A cornucopia of scents started flowing from different boxes brought for me to try. I expressed my regret that the store does not offer the possibility of buying a mix of flavors in smaller quatities (the minimum quantity is 50 gr.). I was wrong as it turned out. I could buy four different kinds of tea - 25 gr. of each. Here are the winners, including the two pu'erh teas:
Let me introduce you to: Forver Nuts, Tiramisu, Creme caramel and Super chocolate.

They all demanded equal attention once I got home, so I ended up drinking six mugs of tea. That's about,oh, three litres of tea...It counts as hydration for the 32 km run I have to do tomorrow.

I also wondered if I could not make my own signature tea at home. And lo and behold, here it is:
That is red roiboos, lavander, cinamon, peppercorns and cardamon.

I also wondered how does one end up earn a living as a tea sampler. I suppose one must have an humongous amount of luck ...not something that could happen to someone like me...As for me, I have to prepare for tomorrow's run now.