Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Friend meets Girl with Pearl Earring

A while back, I was browsing artwork by Klimt. Part of learning from the masters art education. I came across a painting called "The Friends". I liked the girl with the turban and I decided to use her as a model, but the results was disastrous. Covered the canvas with gesso and put it to sleep for a while.

Then, last week I finally managed to make black and white photocopies of some of my doodles and journal pages. I decided to use them as background for a second attempt to my own rendition of the friend. A small piece of scrapbook paper glued in a corner of the canvas dictated the pallette: Golden's historical colors.

Here is the result:

Some of the doodles still show and on the left side, I rubbed off some paint with alcohol to expose some of the paper.She looks in no way like Klimt's picture, but for some reason she reminds me "The girl with pearl earring"... She's cute, is I say so myself ...don't you agree?