Saturday, July 26, 2014

Atwater market

Determined to use the divider in spite of what Mother Nature might have in store, I went to Atwater market.
The first attempt was using the divider for the main lines, the rest I eyeballed. I wanted a building that holds together, not a photographic rendering. I am interested in the feel of the sketch than in the accuracy of every detail. I can take a picture for that purpose.
It took a while I must say... almost 1 hr. I realized that I will simply not have enough to sketch during my trip to Brazil if I take one hour for a not-very-complicated sketch. Not to mention the workshops at the symposium where the time is even more limited.

For the next attempt I used a caligraphy pen and no divider - I had to work fast and skip details.
I am not a big fan of sketching with instruments that produce a thick, heavy, black line, but I think it would be good to practice sketching with a thicker line - maybe charcoal, graphite sticks, crayons. Ideally, only the essence of the subject would make it on paper...