Wednesday, September 17, 2014


This vacation was going to be "it" in terms of sketching: I was going to sketch a lot, everything and anything and finally find my "signature" sketching style. I took 4 sketchbooks: 2 bigger ones for the workshops and location sketches (both lost ) and 2 smaller ones that were to become a food diary and a people diary. 

I had this crazy idea of sketching all the food I ate. Ha! Of course it did not work out as planned. I ate stuff from street vendors, in the middle of the crazy traffic or in conditions unfit for drawing. Most importantly, I did not have time. I was not only on a sketching mission, but also on a sight-seeing mission and I wanted it al. Something gotta give ... and overall I sketched less that I hoped (it takes me a lot of time to draw even an incomplete sketch). 

The only food that made it in the sketchbook is the one I had at the airport and on the plane: